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We believe that music is an important part of any experience. Music gives us more clues to emotional context than visual stimulus alone

7Hz Research have been producing, recording and engineering electronic music with digital technology for over 20 years, creating dynamic emotive contemporary scores for TV, film, games, and other interactive media that will add an extra layer of detail to your project and really bring it to life.

Please visit our YouTube channel to see some of our work in video form or have a listen over on SoundCloud.

Twelve distinct pieces of music were used for this game including different levels and music for other non-playing settings screens. The video you see here is an amalgam of several of these pieces cut together by the game developer.

Produced by: 8Bit Magic Games
Music by: 7Hz Research

This brief was to create a score that fit with an existing edit. Directions included "Up beat electronic with a cinematic edge. A slow but powerful start for the introduction of the characters, a racey section for the driving and something uplifting for the prize-giving and end sequence."

Produced by: JWT Dubai
Music by: 7Hz Research

This indie-game developer wanted a soundtrack for their game that was not repetitive so that players would keep returning and not get bored. This is a randomised piece based on sets of tones and patterns recorded in loops of different lengths to give an ever shifting soundtrack.

Produced by: Renegade Applications
Music by: 7Hz Research

A sample pice in the 'Synthwave' style popularised byt the "Stranger Things" Netflix show. This particular sample was titled 'Running Away' as it describes the moment when a young girl crepps out of the house and runs away thereby putting herself in danger.

An uncommissioned piece written as an experiment in minimal percussion.

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