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7Hz Research: Music and Sound

Music and audio are important parts of any experience. Soundtracks and jingles give more clues to emotion and context than just vision – helping to provide a deeper understanding of what is happening on the screen by giving hints about the mood or emotional tone. In addition, sound effects can be used as auditory cues for user interface elements such as buttons, sliders, tabs etc., so that these aspects have an audible feedback when they’re interacted with.

It’s not uncommon now for video games (and other interactive media) to include full scores during key moments in gameplay where it may otherwise seem like there should be some kind of soundtrack – if only because we’ve come to expect this from Hollywood movies at least!.

Music enhances engagement

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We think we know what it takes to make something great. We’ve been doing this for almost three decades and have never lost sight of the fact that creating something special involves more than just making things sound good. So we do more than just create audio and soundscapes, we infuse our clients’ projects with emotional depth and meaningful resonance.

From the time we learn our ABCs to the romance associated with ‘our song’, sound helps us to turn images and ideas into feelings, changing simple moments into emotive memories that will stick around much longer than pictures alone!

7Hz Research is a creative audio company. We are experts in sound design, composition, music production and sound effects. We have the knowledge and skills to create emotive musical scores for every one of our clients. From some of the world’s greatest brands and advertising agencies to indie filmmakers and game developers, we create engaging sounds for all!

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If you’re working on a project, even if you’re not sure about where we might fit in, get in touch with us and we can chat about how we might work together to bring your project to life. We’d be happy to talk to you about how to commission audio and where it fits in the production process.